DNA Sperm Fragmentation

Assessing fertility potential

An investigation into the DNA integrity within the sperm

The DNA sperm fragmentation investigation is a separate test to the semen analysis and can help us to identify if there is DNA damage present within the sperm which may be a contributing cause to infertility.

Who needs a DNA Sperm Fragmentation Test?

Anyone who is presenting with unexplained infertility may be a candidate for DNA Sperm Fragmentation testing. However, we do not routinely recommend it for everybody. If you have a history of pregnancy loss or underlying medical conditions, it may be of value.

Through identifying potential issues within your sperm’s DNA, we can more accurately provide you and your partner a treatment plan that will give you the best chance of success. We will guide you through this process if they feel you may benefit from this particular investigation.

DNA Sperm Fragmentation FAQs

Why is a DNA Sperm Fragmentation test needed in addition to sperm analysis?

While a sperm analysis is still the most commonly used test when it comes to male infertility, research has shown that the results of sperm analysis do not always comprehensively indicate a man’s fertility potential. As a result, other ways to determine whether or not the sperm is optimal are needed. Successful embryo development requires, among other things, undamaged DNA from both the egg and sperm and it’s therefore important to know if there is damaged DNA within the sperm before continuing with any fertility treatment.

What happens if my sperm has DNA damage?

If the investigation shows that your sperm has fragmentation and damage within its DNA, our team will discuss all your options with you. This damage may be correctable through lifestyle and dietary changes and the use of supplements. Additionally, there are fertility treatments that have been shown to be of benefit for men with high DNA fragmentation.