Egg Freezing

Fertility Preservation

Empower your future self through fertility awareness

Take control of your future by freezing your eggs with Thérapie Fertility! Egg freezing at a younger age gives your future family the best possible chance.

Feel empowered and consider your future self. By freezing your eggs, hopefully you will be more fertility aware. It’s not an ‘insurance policy’ but it certainly is an additional support in your future journey to growing your family.

Who is Egg Freezing suitable for?

Egg Freezing has been around for a long time and was initially used for women undergoing medical treatment that threatened their future fertility.

As lifestyles have changed the procedure is now also being used by women who aren’t ready to have children immediately. You may find that egg freezing removes some of the pressure that surrounds important life choices and in turn helps to make you more fertility aware.

Egg freezing has the potential to give you the best possible chance of starting a family in the years ahead.

Egg Freezing involves two stages

Ovarian Stimulation & Monitoring

Egg Retrieval & Freezing

Close up view of female injecting into her abdomen with fertility injection.

Step 1

Ovarian Stimulation & Monitoring

Under the care of our team, a woman is given fertility medications, mainly in the form of injections to stimulate her ovaries to produce multiple follicles. Follicles are the small fluid filled structures within the ovaries, each of which will hopefully contain an egg.

The number and size of the developing follicles is measured by trans-vaginal ultrasound scans. The exact number of follicles which develop varies greatly between patients. One of the purposes of testing is to give you and us an idea in advance of how many follicles and eggs may develop.

The final preparation for egg retrieval involves a hormone injection which mimics the natural trigger for ovulation. Egg retrieval will take place 36 hours after this injection.

Step 2

Egg Retrieval & Freezing

Egg retrieval is a minor theatre procedure which is carried out in the clinic under sedation.

A trans-vaginal ultrasound probe is used and a needle attached to the probe is carefully passed through the vaginal wall into the ovaries and follicles.

The ovarian fluid within each follicle is aspirated and then examined in the IVF laboratory by the embryologist for the presence of an egg.

After identification, the eggs are vitrified (fast frozen) and stored in liquid nitrogen tanks at very low temperatures.

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Egg Freezing FAQs

Why freeze my eggs?

One of the key factors influencing a woman’s reproductive ability is age.  As women age the number and quality of their eggs falls (the same is also true of men and their sperm!).  By freezing eggs at a younger age, ideally under 34 years old, you preserve those eggs and prevent their natural decline as you get older.  You may never end up needing or using your frozen eggs.  In fact, when it comes time for you to have children we would recommend using more natural methods first.  But many find that having eggs frozen removes some of the pressure that surrounds important life choices and in turn helps to make them more fertility aware. And it gives a potential alternative route to your family in the event that you find yourself struggling to conceive.  In short, knowing that you have your eggs frozen may actually assist you in conceiving naturally.

By freezing my eggs am I reducing my future fertility?

Every month a woman recruits a number of follicles and eggs but only one or two grow to maturity and are released. The rest are lost.  The purpose of the stimulation medications is to capture eggs that were going to be lost that month anyway.  So we can reassure you that by stimulating your ovaries and freezing your eggs we are not compromising your future fertility

Who freezes their eggs?

Women who, for whatever reason, want to defer starting their families until a time when age may become more of a factor in determining success can consider egg freezing.

We know that women in Ireland are starting their families at a later age, about 32.  This unfortunately means that a higher proportion of women and couples will need assistance.

At Thérapie fertility we really want all women to be fertility aware.  This means getting checked and learning what YOUR fertility potential is, earlier rather than later.  This will allow you to make an informed choice about whether egg freezing may be a suitable avenue for you to take.