Sperm Analysis

Fertility Assessment

Examination of your semen to determine potential fertility obstacles

A complete sperm analysis measures the quantity and quality of the fluid released during ejaculation. It evaluates both the liquid portion, called semen or seminal fluid, and the microscopic, moving cells called sperm.

What does a sperm analysis look at?

We assess the volume produced and the number of overall sperm. We also look at the movement of the sperm and whether they appear normally formed.

Sperm Analysis FAQs

How do you obtain a sperm sample?

The most common way to collect a sperm sample is for a person to masturbate and ejaculate into a sterile cup. The doctor provides a private room for you to do this. In some cases, a person can collect the semen sample at home. A doctor may recommend that the person ejaculates into a collection cup while at home. When collecting a sample at home, you must remember to keep it at room temperature and bring it to the clinic shortly after collection.

Are there any special preparations for the sperm analysis?

To make sure that the sample is usable, we usually recommend that you abstain from sex or masturbation for several days before the test, avoid alcohol, caffeine, and other stimulants before the sperm analysis and avoid providing a sample when unwell or stressed. We would ask that you inform our team of any medications or herbal remedies you are taking, before giving a sample.